Saturday, 13 October 2012

One Challenging Week

Guess I owe an explanation why I haven't update this blog more than a week.. Well, of course it's an excuse but I bet you it's a good one..hehe..

This whole week was a really challenging week for me. For a start, I got very bad flu last Saturday. In fact the whole family were down with flu starting from Adik Hafiz. But being toddlers, Adik Hafiz and Abg Hakim were still active and cheerful even with runny nose. It's just me and hubby felt quite uncomfortable as our nasal area felt congested and heads felt heavy.
It was quite some time since I got my last flu.. maybe during uni I guess this virus must be a very strong one. I snooze furiously all day long..It was quite bad really until I got to take MC on Monday.Hubby got better earlier because he religiously took two tablets of Shaklee Vita-C and get some rest.

Talking about work, I had few presentations to be delivered a monthly report to complete and a tedious analysis to be finalized within this week and I got only 4 days. With the running nose, pile of work and I could not really focus on my analysis at work (meetings to attend, other staff needs assistance, boss intermittently asking this and that), it ended up with two sleepless nights. Man, it was so pack, tough and very stressful.

Actually I managed to refrain myself from bringing my work home all these while as for me, at home is time for family and other things.Well, it's work life balance principle :).But this week I had no choice. Sorry dear hubby, Abg Hakim and Adik Hafiz.

But amazingly,my family is very supportive. Macam faham-faham jer, both kids were well behaved. Abang Hakim sangat baik, mendengar kata, main ngan adik Hafiz elok-elok, senang bagi apa adik nak. Terhibur kejap tengok diorng main gurau2.
Abang Hakim siap voluntarily nak baca Iqra' dan sempat ajar adik Hafiz lagi baca Alif ngan Ba. :) Adik Hafiz pun Alhamdulillah tak meragam pun eventhough dia selsema.

Hubby was also very charming, sabar je dengar kita mengadu masalah kerje even though dia pun ada tonnes of problems yang nak difikirkan. Hubby even siap hidangkan breakfast for me on Friday as I was rushing to complete my presentation materials.

I was a bit demotivated  for a while due to some people's remark at work. Tapi pape pun, the best thing to do is mengadu to Allah Almighty dengan sepenuh hati. Nak nangis pun nangis lah masa tu. And remind back myself that kita buat kerja bukan kerana nak dapat pengiktirafan orang tapi usaha kerana Allah. A motivator I met recently during teambuilding session always said, apa-apa pun Tuhan tauu. I will always remember your 5 key principle Mr. Alfonse!! Ego must go, Rubish must throw, Control situation, Tuhan Tau and Better because of me.

Alhamdulillah, the week turns out OK, Allah mudahkan segala urusan. Cuma ralat x pergi Usrah this week sebab rasa kerja banyak sangat. Tapi bila fikir balik boleh je pergi sebab bila kita spend time untuk zikrullah, insyaAllah Allah akan mudahkan urusan dunia kita kan? Nampak sangat keyakinan kat situ tak mantap lagi.

Managed to go through this hectic and stressful week without pengsan or demam, Alhamdulillah. With lots of Shaklee Vita-C untuk kurangkan selsema and Shaklee Performance Drink for all of us to retain enough liquid in our bodies. Additionally Abang Hakim ngan Adik Hafiz consumed Omega Guard while myself amek Nutriferon to boost my antibody. Alhamdulillah the Imam Mudas already got much better now, our flu (mine and hubby's) already gone and batuk saya pun tak teruk. And of course my basic supplements ( B-Complex and Vitalea) and madu tak tinggal.

Lagu penghibur hati dan penyuntik semangat for me to overcome all the challenges this week is Menuju Wawasan from UNIC. Suka sgt lagu ni. Hope you'll enjoy it too :)

Menuju Wawasan from UNIC

Wawasan diri penuhi dada dengan ilmu
Wawasan agama bekalan masa depan dan akhirat
Kuat usaha jujur dan amanah
Sentiasa mengharapkan keredhoan Allah

umat islam harus cemerlang hari
ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam

Jangan buang masa
siapa kata kita tidak boleh
kita ada Allah maha kuasa
kita punya kuasa tenaga
doa sebagai senjata
umat islam sentiasa boleh

umat islam zaman lampau
taat perintah Rasulullah
bersama berusaha bersatu tujuan wawasan
wawasan dunia dan akhirat

aqidah ibadah harus sempurna
ibadah tanpa aqidah wawasan syaitan
ulama' warisan ambiya'
pegangan mereka harus diikuti
ajaran sesat wajib hindari

umat islam harus cemerlang hari ini
umat islam sentiasa boleh

akhirnya islam cemerlang seluruh dunia

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